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Pricing starts as low as 15€ per user per month for single users, 13€ per user per month for Teams, and 16€ per user per month for Cloud Office.



For Single Users

  • 1000GB of secure cloud storage for your files
  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools


/ month, yearly subscription for 1-3 users

18€ for monthly billing

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For Teams

  • from 1000GB secure cloud storage, additional 200GB per user
  • Extensive security features and administration options


/ users / month, yearly subscription for 5 users and more

16€ for monthly billing

  • "The Talend User Group provides its members with a permanent forum to exchange views on technology, innovations, use cases and many more topics related to our open source platform.
    With ownCloud Online we can use corporate file sharing for personal data -
    without any privacy concerns due to the GDPR."

    Michael van Rykswyk
    Managing Director Talend User Group

  • As a non-profit association against organized crime, the protection of our, in some cases very sensitive, documents has top priority for us. This is guaranteed at any time with ownCloud Online.

    Giulia Norberti
    Mafia, nein Danke e.V.

  • All our employees are happy with ownCloud Online and it works well. Keep going in that direction!

    Jean-Jacques Bois
    C.O.O. Nanolike SAS

    Security first is hosted in Germany, ensuring the highest security standards and the complete privacy of your data. Your cloud is entirely private and dedicated and thanks to ownCloud’s open-source codebase, we can guarantee the highest level of software security. What’s more end-to-end encryption and related features keep you in control.!

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    Our Mission:
    Data Sovereignity

    Cloud solutions are state-of-art working environments. But because of the recurring spate of data leaks, confidence in cloud providers has taken a hit. We think that it’s time for a mature cloud solution, one which you can completely trust. combines the comfort of the cloud with the highest data security and keeps control where it belongs:
    with you!

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    Dokumentenverarbeitung für Teams

    Erstellen und bearbeiten Sie Dokumente, Tabellen und Präsentationen direkt in Ihrem Browser, ganz ohne spezielle Software. Arbeiten Sie im Team gleichzeitig an einem Dokument. Sämtliche Änderungen werden automatisch in Ihrer Cloud  gespeichert.

    Zeig mir die Vorteile

    Easy to use and a strong focus on data security

    All cloud storage vendors claim that they make no compromises in protecting your data. See yourself why ownCloud Online stands out from the masses when it comes to comfortable and secure data storage.

    ownCloud Online

    Google Drive

    Microsoft OneDrive




    ownCloud Online

    Google Drive

    Microsoft OneDrive




    0,07 € 0,02 € 8,40€ / user / month 13,50€ / user / month 0,01 € 0,02 € 1,40 €
    Germany worldwide US worldwide US Netherlands / UK Germany

    unlimited max. 5TB max. 15GB 2 - 5GB max. 20 GB max. 5GB




    5x8, 24h reaction time no service level agreement 5x8, 1h reaction time 5x8, 1h reaction time no Service level agreement no service level agreement
    30 days 14 days 14 days 30 days 14 days

    Teams (Custom Groups)

    Teams offer a granular possibility to set up task groups.

    Sharing Files

    How to efficiently share files and collaborate with others.


    Keep track of your files and get notified.

    Guest Accounts

    Collaborate with outside third parties and include them into your workflow.

    End-to-End Encryption

    Coming soon

    • What's the difference to other public cloud providers?

      In difference to Dropbox, OneDrive etc. is not a public cloud but a private cloud and focuses on data privacy and security. Providing a real protection to your data in combination with the advantages of a cloud is the core concept of It is designed to trust – without any limitations.

    • With a hosted cloud solution I still don't know where my files are stored! is hosted strictly in Germany. Our server farms are protected by the most modern physical and digital protection and prevention systems. Covered by strict german data privacy laws we guarantee the security of your files. Detailed information about our server farms can be provided at any time.

    • What is an User?

      An user is any person or role on your team with a unique email address. Each team member should have his or her own user license. Users can link their accounts to as many of their devices as they’d like (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) at no additional charge. To make your data available to external persons you can create guest accounts at no additional charge. Guest users have some limitations to features.

    • How much space does my team get?

      Starting with 5 users your team has a cloud storage of 1TB (1024GB (GigaByte)). With every additional user your storage is extended by 200GB. For customized solutions please contact our sales team.

    • What is an " instance"?

      An instance is a dedicated installation with dedicated storage and user space. It is only accessible by you. Other users have their own dedicated workspace so no cross-cloud access is possible. Some other public cloud providers do aggregate data from different customers to save space which is a big threat to data security and privacy.

    • I'd like to start a trial. What do I need to know to get started?

      No prior knowledge required! But to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything has to offer, we suggest checking out our admin and user guides. Start your free trial now .

    • Why do I need to input my credit card for a free trial?

      We require credit card information for the trial to prevent fraud. But if you cancel before the trial period is over, there won’t be any charges.

    • How can I cancel my trial or subscription?

      To cancel your subscription please send us an email to The termination period for monthly subscriptions is 7 days, for yearly subscriptions 30 days. Cancellation of a trial is possible anytime in the evaluation period of 30 days.

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